Announcing Union CDN

Union CDN, Union Platform's official JavaScript CDN, is now live. Union CDN gives developers instant, globally distributed access to Orbiter and OrbiterMicro, Union's JavaScript frameworks for creating connected content and realtime applications.

Union's CDN file locations are posted on the official Union CDN file list. All files are freely available for public use in both development and production deployments.

Union Platform's tutorials and samples now use the CDN links, allowing developers to instantly run all JavaScript examples by simple copy-and-paste, with no downloads and no installation. Union CDN helps expose Union's JavaScript source code to the developer community, aiding in the learning and discovery of connected-application development practices.

Union CDN also benefits production deployments in the form of reduced bandwidth costs. And end-users of Union CDN-based applications will experience faster content start times due to the global availability and local caching of Union CDN files.

Union Platform's CDN hosting is graciously provided by Influxis.

Together with Influxis, we're proud to bring you these important improvements as part of our deep commitment to JavaScript, HTML, and the open web.