Union is entirely free for both commercial and noncommercial applications with up to 1000 simultaneous clients.

Deployments with more than 1000 simultaneous client connections require a commercial licence.

For JavaScript/HTML5/Web Programmers

For ActionScript/Flash Programmers

  • Download Reactor (Client Framework for Adobe® Flash®)
    Reactor is a framework for creating Union applications with ActionScript 3.0. For testing and experimentation, connect to the free server on port 80. Requires Flash CS4 or higher, or other ActionScript 3.0 compiler, such as Flex Builder 3+, Flash Builder 4+, FDT, or Flash Develop.

For Server Administrators and Server-side Programmers

  • Download Union Server
    Free 1000 User Licence. View licensing details.
    Union Server manages all communications between connected clients. Download Union Server to host your own Union applications, and to create server-side application logic in Java, JavaScript, Python, or other scripting languages.
  • Download Union Admin
    Union Admin is an administration tool for managing Union Server. Use Union Admin to view and manage connected clients, rooms, user accounts, banned addresses, gateways, statistics, and the server log.