Orbiter (JavaScript Client)

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Orbiter is Union's JavaScript framework for creating connected applications and realtime content. With Orbiter, you can create chat, whiteboards, realtime multiplayer games, meeting applications, collaborative editing tools, realtime remote administration, system-monitoring applications, and shared interfaces that all run directly in your desktop or mobile web browser. Orbiter conducts communications over WebSocket with HTTP failover, so lightning fast, extremely low bandwidth, and deeply reliable.

Backed by the battle-tested Union Server, Orbiter's comprehensive API makes it almost trivial to build complex connected web applications. Like this fully functional chat application, created with only 65 lines of JavaScript, and not a single line of server-side code:

The complete code for the chat is shown below. Click the "+" button to edit it live on JSFiddle. To get started building your own connected web applications, follow the Orbiter Quick Start guide.


For mobile development and bandwidth-sensitive deployments, consider OrbiterMicro, a lightweight configuration of the Orbiter framework.