OrbiterMicro (Light JS Client)

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OrbiterMicro is the lightweight configuration of Orbiter, Union's JavaScript framework for creating connected applications and content. With OrbiterMicro, you can create chat, whiteboards, real-time multiplayer games, meeting applications, collaborative editing tools, and shared interfaces that all run directly in your desktop or mobile web browser.

Orbiter Versus OrbiterMicro

At only 10k gzipped, OrbiterMicro delivers a stripped down, yet full-fledged realtime communications system in a tiny package. OrbiterMicro is perfect for mobile devices and bandwidth-limited environments. For larger projects, where a slightly larger download is acceptable (49k gzipped) , use Orbiter instead of OrbiterMicro. Orbiter provides a much more extensive API that is easier to use and faster to develop with than OrbiterMicro.

OrbiterMicro's API is directly interchangeable with Orbiter's API, so it's trivial to upgrade a project from OrbiterMicro to Orbiter. OrbiterMicro is, in fact, a subset of Orbiter; both are compiled from the exact same core code.

Here's a fully functional chat application build with OrbiterMicro, created with only 70 lines of JavaScript, and not a single line of server-side code:

The complete code for the chat is shown below. For a direct API comparison, see the Orbiter version of the chat.

To learn how to build your own connected content and applications with OrbiterMicro, follow the OrbiterMicro Quick Start guide.