Trying Union yourself is as easy as running these two lines of JavaScript code:

var orbiter = new net.user1.orbiter.Orbiter();
orbiter.connect("", 80);

Or these three lines of ActionScript code:

import net.user1.reactor.Reactor;
var reactor:Reactor = new Reactor();
reactor.connect("", 80);

The server name "" is our public Union server. It's freely available for testing and experimentation by anyone who wants to use it.

There's nothing to buy. Nothing to install. No server ports to configure. No command lines, no shell scripts. It doesn't time out. You don't have to register. We don't want your email. We want you to build connected applications.

You'll find everything you need to get started in the Union Quick Start.

From Try Union to Union Cloud

When you're ready to share your application with the world, you can seamlessly migrate it to a production-ready server by setting up a Union Cloud account and changing just a single line of connection code. Your Union Cloud account gives you an exact clone of our battle-tested, ready for prime-time Union hosting.

For lots more information, see