At only 10k gzipped, OrbiterMicro delivers a full-fledged multiuser communications system in a tiny package. OrbiterMicro is perfect for mobile devices and bandwidth-sensitive deployment environments. (For larger projects, where a slightly larger download is acceptable (49k gzipped) , use Orbiter instead of OrbiterMicro.)
Real-time two-way communication
Users remain in constant contact with each other through OrbiterMicro's persistent connection to Union Server. Chat messages are delivered instantly, players see game actions in real-time, collaboratively authored documents update immediately.
Automatic connection recovery
OrbiterMicro constantly monitors its connection to Union Server. If the connection fails, OrbiterMicro automatically attempts to reconnect. Automatic reconnection is optional, and fully configurable.
Message management
In a single method call, send a message to a specific user, a group of users, or all users on the server. Respond to incoming messages with simple, intuitive message listener functions. Filter messages for more advanced situations, such as team chat or privileged communications.
Group users together in rooms
Manage group activities with rooms that users can join or spectate. Perfect for a setting up lobbies, game instances, and shared interactions such as collaborative document editing. Create rooms with JavaScript client code, server-side configuration files, or custom server code.
Share data
Use client attributes or room attributes to share information among users. Set a user's age, high score, or favourite food and watch the information propagate instantly to other interested users. To control the amount of information that is shared among clients, set update levels, or simply turn off sharing.
Store data
Use account attributes to store private and shared data for retrieval across multiple user visits or sessions.
Beautiful Logging
Debug and develop with confidence and comfort using the finely crafted client and server logs.
Cross-origin compatible
No need to worry about cross-domain or cross-origin XMLHttpRequest failures. OrbiterMicro uses clean, secure HTML5 techniques to guarantee that any client on any website can connect to any Union Server on any domain.
Works In All Modern Desktop and Mobile Browsers
OrbiterMicro has been tested extensively in Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 3+, Chrome 1+, Safari 4+, Opera 9.5+, iPhone 3+, iPad, and Android 2.1+.
No Plug-ins Required
OrbiterMicro is built with the latest HTML5 and AJAX technologies, so it requires no plug-ins, no installation, and no additional libraries.
Framework Friendly
OrbiterMicro is 100% compatible with all popular JavaScript frameworks. Whether you use jQuery, Dojo, Prototype, Ext JS, Google Closure, YUI, or MooTools, you can build multiuser applications with OrbiterMicro.