Union 2.0.1 Release Notes

Union 2.0.1 is now available for download. This release includes client and server bug fixes, and improvements to Union Admin. Union Admin now includes bandwidth statistics, and monitoring of both raw-connections and client-connections per second. Administrator clients can now also connect to Union Server's administration port over WebSocket and HTTP (previously connections to Union Server's administration port were limited to XMLSocket-format TCP connections).

Users of tryunion.com please note: Reactor 2.0.0, Orbiter 2.0.0, and OrbiterMicro 2.0.1 are forwards compatible with Union Server 2.0.1. No code modifications are required to connect existing deployed clients to Union Server 2.0.1.

Changes introduced in Union 2.0.1 are listed below.

Orbiter (Client Framework for JavaScript)

  • Bug #653: Calling Room's sendModuleMessage() causes error
  • Bug #662: Calling RoomManager's stopWatchingForRooms() with qualifier causes error
  • Bug #663: Result of RoomManager's stopWatchingForRooms() causes error
  • Bug #664: Triggering an AccountEvent.CHANGE_PASSWORD event causes error
  • Bug #672: Calling Client's sendMessage() method causes an error
  • Feature #661: Provide an API for retrieving gateway information

For a complete list of changes in Orbiter, see the Orbiter 2.0.1 Release Roadmap.

OrbiterMicro (Lightweight Orbiter configuration)

  • No changes

OrbiterMicroNode (Client Framework for Node.JS)

  • No changes

Reactor (Client Framework for Adobe® Flash® Player)

  • Feature #657: Provide an API for retrieving gateway information

See also Reactor 2.0.1 Release Roadmap.

Union Server

  • Bug #647: If an exception occurs when loading a datasource class the log incorrectly indicates it as occurring in a "Gateway".
  • Bug #649: Room attribute information in u54 not wrapped in CDATA.
  • Feature #654: Add SERVERSTATISTICS_ACCESS security setting.
  • Todo #667: Secure u167, u168 with action SERVERSTATISTICS_ACCESS.
  • Todo #669: Change the admin to use a TCP gateway (NIO).

For a complete list of changes in Union Server, see the Union Server 2.0.1 Release Roadmap.

Union Admin

For a complete list of changes in Union Admin, see the Union Admin 2.0.1 Release Roadmap.

Reactor GUI

  • No changes